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Barrett Family

ok. who looks this good??? 

I had a great time photograph these three and chasing around their sweet toddler. Each family session brings me new memories and happiness. I love meeting people. I love photographing them. and i absolutely love getting to celebrate people.

Chelsey! it was a ton of fun to meet you and find creative ways to keep your child interested in me. I am so happy to know you and hope the coming years will give us time and space to better know each other! I had a wonderful time with all of you!

be infinitely blessed

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In my entire career, i have only approached three people at random and asked to photograph them. The very first time i saw Christeen, she was at a wedding i was photographing. I wanted to run over and beg her to let me photograph her. But i didn’t. And i left that day regretting it.

But the stars aligned! Our paths crossed again and again and again and again over the years. We’ve become friends. And have the best time together.  And here we are. Taking pics

i just LOVE her!

Christeen asked me to take some photos of her just because… and nothing could make me more excited.
Christeen is a hottie for sure. But i love this candid moment of her feeling shy!!! Christeen, dollface! You give me life. Or whatever it is the cool kids are saying these days. Thank you for bringing me so much joy over the years and being an instant source of happiness when i see you! Shine on, you beautiful diamond!

be infinitely blessed

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Stephanie | Maternity

Motherhood is my most favorite thing to document. In any form. I love photographing the exciting journey. The nerves. The celebration. The care. It’s second to none and always leaves me feeling good about life and humanity.

Ty and Stephanie are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first baby. I am so honored to know them and be able to photograph these milestones for them!

Stephanie. You are the coolest gal i know. i am so glad our paths crossed and that you have given me the opportunity to photograph you. i am thrilled to be on this journey with you and cannot be more excited to meet this baby!!!

be infinitely blessed

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Ryan and Hailey | Married

If you could tell me that every wedding would be as fun to photograph as Ryan and Hailey’s wedding was…. you could sign me up to do this every day of the week.

The whole day was spent laughing and celebrating their relationship and marriage. It was one of the most peaceful weddings i have ever photographed.

In case i haven’t mentioned it lately…. i LOVE me a first look!Ryan and Hailey. From the most sincere parts of my gratitude… thank you for sharing your memories with me. For being so kinda and gracious with your time and story and for welcoming me into your celebrations with open arms. You have truly blessed my career and life with your friendship.

be infinitely blessed


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Taylor and Berklee | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

I have photographed over 250 weddings in my career. And while each one holds a special place in my heart and memories, there are a few here and there that will really hold a unique sentiment for me. For Taylor and Berklee, it had a lot to do with the fact that i had photographed her 7 years ago and had been smitten with her since then.

Taylor and Berklee had a sweet and intimate afternoon wedding celebration. As expected, they spent the entire time laughing together.

i just love this girl. and a first look. i looooove a first look!

Taylor and Berklee. Knowing you has been such a joy and photographing you through the years is a true honor. Your new life together is a great cause for celebration and i am honored to have been a part of your love story! Thank you for choosing me

be infinitely blessed

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