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Kevin & Heather | Engaged

My favorite type of engagement session to photograph is one where the couple is unaware that i am there and they just have fun together. With Kevin and Heather, they went about themselves laughing and joking, and occasionally trying to take my direction. But then they would completely forget that i was there.

I love when a couple can just be engaged… and allow me to photograph it!

Kevin and Heather – i am so excited to be on board for your journey and your engagement. thank you for being kind and generous and for being happy and in love; allowing me to photograph your joy is such an honor and i am so refreshed and energized by your happiness!

be infinitely blessed

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Thomas and Zoie | Engaged

Thomas and Zoie.

What started out as a simple flirtation has brought us to this journey in their lives. Both Thomas and Zoie are friends of mine. When she mentioned wishing he’d spark up a converstation with her, i gave her a little nudge and told her to introduce herself. Never in a million years did i think that that little push would bring us where we are today. But alas, here we found ourselves, in the middle of the canyon energetically slapping at mosquitos during their engagement session. I don’t particularly like to third wheel… but these two make it so much fun!

here are a few favorites from our time together

Ladies…. find you a man that looks at you the way Thomas looks at ZoieThomas and Zoie: we’ve all shed tears together. And you know just about everything i could ever have to say about you individually and as a couple. I am so proud to call you friends. So honored to have been able to witness this beautiful coming together of souls. You are so perfect for each other. From your crazy good looks to your nerdy awkwardness… There is no doubt in my mind that you will both succeed and flourish in life and marriage. I love how much you care for each other. I love that you started living out your vows to one another long before Thomas got down on bended knee. I love your honesty. and bravery. your authenticity. your perseverance. and your complete dedication to each other and your families. Zoie i remember you sitting in my house the day you realized Thomas was the one; and Thomas, i remember sitting in your office when the only thing you had on your mind was that Zoie was completely taken care of. I could only hope that every person in their life could have a Thomas and Zoie couple to show them how fun, free, and loving commitment can be. I admire you in so many ways and you have both taught me so so much. I cannot celebrate you enough nor feel more humbled to be here to document this time in your lives. Thank you for loving each other so well. Because you are true sources of hope for this heart of mine. Thank you for being my friend. For being there on the road trips. the panicked moments. for rescuing me. for walking me to my car in the dark. for being inclusive in your journey. and for being so transparent with me. i can’t help but love you both.

be infinitely blessed


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Ryan and Hailey | Engaged

This lovely couple is getting married today. Everything about photographing them is easy and natural and so lighthearted. They are always so genuinely happy and joyful.

I am excited to share their engagement session with you. We met a few months ago in Palo Duro Canyon and had a truly wonderful time chasing the sunlight.

you’re getting married!!!!!! Ryan and Hailey – seriously, knowing you and photographing this journey for you has been nothing but joy for me. thank you for always being so open and present in our time together and for truly showing us what love looks like. i am so humbled to be here to document your journey and to witness the beginning of what promises to be a most beautiful life together.

be infinitely blessed

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September. 13. 2017 - 12:19 pm

Ryan and Hailey | Married » - […] you could tell me that every wedding would be as fun to photograph as Ryan and Hailey’s wedding was…. you could sign me up to do this every day of the […]

Ethan and Neyda | Married

Ethan and Neyda are high school sweethearts.  Their day was filled with the most tender emotions, the sweetest celebrations and honest expressions of family support and encouragement. It was truly touching to see both of their families come together on this evening. It felt as though they had been doing it for years… and then i realized … they had. 

And i love it. I love that they truly have a support team behind them every step of the way in their new life together. It was a sweet day of warm memories and love.

This has been a complete joy to know you throughout the years and on your journey through life and now marriage.

Ethan’s reaction …. so honest.
Ethan and Neyda. Wow. what a true honor to have known you all these years – from the beginning(ish) and to be celebrating you on your wedding day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to highlight your most fond memories and milestones in life. I  look forward to many more!

be infinitely blessed


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Taylor and Berklee | Engaged

Taylor and Berklee. Not to be cliche or anything but… i kinda feel like they are relationship goals. They laugh non stop together. Each time i have met with them, we spend most of our time just hanging out laughing. I have known Berklee for quite some time; i did her graduation photos. However, it wasn’t until i met Taylor and saw them together that i got to know this side of her. They bring out the best in each other and it’s naturally joyful.

It makes photographing them super easy! I love that they just embrace life as they go. Spontaneously decide to head to the rooftops of downtown or jump into a waterfall. If their engagement session is any indication of the kind of marriage they will have, i can see a lifetime of happiness, acceptance, playfulness and connection.

Taylor and Berklee – thank you so much for choosing me. And for allowing me into your little bubble. Watching you two together is so much fun. and as much as i enjoy the pretty posed images, the ones that really steal my heart and make me a firm believer in your relationship are the moments in between. The real ones. the imperfect ones. The way you organically accept whatever the situation is, is so refreshing and positive. I love that you have found each other in this big world and that you have only just begun a life as fun as this. i cannot wait to celebrate you on your wedding day!

be infinitely blessed

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