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Ellie | Class of 2018

I met this beautiful young lady a couple of years ago when she asked if she could shadow me. Since then, i have been so fascinated by her personality and the hard work she puts in to her future. She is officially a published photographer and surely has a great future ahead of her.

We met for her graduate session a few weeks ago and while i could never ever everrrrrr translate into photos how beautiful she is…. I had a great time photographing her!

Ellie! thank you so much for choosing me to highlight your senior year. but also, i truly appreciate what you bring to my life and how you inspire me to live and love. You should know that you are a true light to others, even if you aren’t always aware of it or know that they are even observing. I trust that you have a promising and adventurous future ahead of you and that you will do great things in this world!

be infinitely blessed!

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Jarnagin Family

These four swooped me up and took me out to their family land. It was awesome to come back to the same spot where we had taken their engagement photos and to the very places they celebrated on their wedding day! 

Ben and Amanda – thank you for sharing your memories with me. It has been such an honor to tell your story through the years!

be infinitely blessed

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Lusk Family

This family has been with me since the very beginning. Since before the beginning. Lauren was my “model” for many projects and portfolio shoots. I am so happy to create friendships and be able to capture their memories and milestones and family celebrations. There is something very special about being able to say that I have been able to document them for the past ten years but also that i have been able to call them friends!

love love LOVE y’all!

be infinitely blessed

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Vincent 1 Year Old

Hold on hold on hold on! Is this NOT the cutest little nugget you’ve seen?! This sweet little guy just turned a year old. He’s active and mobile and has endless personality. And… check out his cute little outfit! We quickly learned that cowboy boots only slow you down.

Tyler and Jordan! Your little guy is the cutest. I have enjoyed getting to know all of you this year and hope to photograph many more milestones for you!

Be infinitely blessed

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