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Kevin and Heather | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

Kevin and Heather were married this past summer. I am so excited to be sharing these photos of their wedding day.

I was a complete ball of nerves the day of their wedding but they had the most calm and peaceful day i have ever experienced. When i arrived, the bridesmaids were ironing and assembling the last few floral touches. Heather walked in stunningly and just kinda took the breath out of the room.

What i’ve loved about Kevin and Heather is their comfort and ease with each other. We drove to their first look spot and as soon as he turned around, it was home. They laughed together and talked about their day and then Kevin would randomly stop her words with sweet little touches or kisses.

Their entire day was filled with joy and celebration. Weddings like these. Days like these. They just make my job so gratifying and humbling all at once. I love having the opportunity to work with couples that share their memories and lives with me. It is the most rewarding part of my job. At the end of the day, Kevin and Heather are dear sweet friends of mine – even showing up to my birthday dinner! Good people Great “clients” and a loving couple that i am completely honored to have captured their journey.

Kevin and Heather – thank you OH so much for being so amazing. I really cannot properly iterate how much it means to me that you put your trust and faith in little ol’ me and gave me the honor of photographing your wedding day. Knowing you is a joy and i know there are so many more amazing things in store for you both. I hope to see you more and more at each celebration. Thank you again for being great friends!

be infinitely blessed



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Marla | Dallas Maternity Session

Marla and I have been friends for quite some time now. And in all these years of knowing each other, I haven’t photographed her. She is pregnant with an already precious little boy and I was honored to be photographing this very exciting time in her life!

We met in Dallas for her maternity session and I love love looooove these photos!

Kris and Marla – it was a true joy to spend a day with you. I know you will make outstanding parents and cannot wait to see how much fun you will have together! Thank you for your generosity and for being wonderful guides to the city! I am excited to meet this little angel next month!

be infinitely blessed

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Daniel and Kaylee | Engagement

Daniel and Kaylee are the perfect way to start my year of blog posts! We did their engagement photos a couple of months ago on a chilly morning.

Believe it or not, engagement sessions aren’t always lovey dovey. Sometimes they are approached as a chore, or another thing to cross off the wedding checklist. But occasionally, I will get couples that are SO in love and, well, engaged with each other, that they seemingly forget that i’m there with a camera.


Daniel and Kaylee – it has been a complete honor to be on this journey with you! I am so excited for the things to come for the two of you and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you both. Just a few more weeks!!!

be infinitely blessed


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Nicole | Moab Maternity Session

Anthony and Nicole are welcoming their third child soon. I have been along for their journey with each child. We decided to make this, their last pregnancy, a special session…. so we headed out to the land of nothing/everything.

Moab is a desert and a flat land of perfection. I don’t know what I was expecting to come away with as far as photos is concerned, and I doubt I could ever do Moab (or Nicole) justice.

y’all are the frickin’ best. thanks for sharing all of your life memories with me. and for letting me take a three day nap and cover your car and house with dog hair. I can’t ask for more rad friends.


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Thomas and Zoie | Wedding

“According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly.

The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.”

I know that’s a silly quote. But when i think of  Thomas and Zoie, i am reminded of this quote. What we all thought was impossible… was simply their flight. Their careless floating through the air.  It was easy and effortless for them; the way they met and fell in love and started a life together.

I remember every single step of this journey, because they were both friends of mine prior to their dating.

I got the phone call after their first date. The one where Zoie knew she would one day marry Thomas. And i sat in Thomas’s office when he told me how much he loved her.  And i sat in the kitchen with both of them when they were “just friends” and watched them interact. I remember when he rushed her to the ER because she had an allergic reaction to their dinner. And he sat with her in an emergency room all night.

But the most amazing part of being on this journey with them is seeing how well they support each other and how passionately they express love and devotion. They dream together. Laugh together. Exist together and play together. And while most would have thought that there is no way these two completely different individuals could one day stand before a room full of people and commit their lives to one another… they did anyway… because they don’t care what we think is impossible.

This entire day was a breath of fresh air. It was celebration and quiet reverie. It was everything we all wanted for our two friends and their families.

Thomas and Zoie… thank you for loving in a way that should inspire all of us to love beyond what we think we are capable of.

I begged Zoie to do a first look with Thomas. Every time i saw her or talked to her… begged. She stood her ground. But they met for prayer before the ceremony. This moment was so kind and pure. Zoie… seeing you smile at every point of this day…. made me the happiest i could ever feel. Right as the reception ended, Thomas and Zoie shared a last dance in an empty venue. It was THE perfect way to end their night. You, my friends, have my heart. I mean it every time i say that i love you both. that i am so proud of you. that being a witness to your relationship and celebrations brings me an incredible amount of joy in my own life. i love how you love everyone. and how you have purpose and intention. i know that this is just the beginning of an amazing life together and i can only hope that i can be in on the journey every now and then.

you make me happy. and i’m sorry i cried so much on your wedding day. but i love you. and i can’t help it.

be infinitely blessed





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