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Jeff and Kelli | Engagement

“i’m sorry we just laughed the entire time”

Kelli apologized to me after their Save the Date session earlier this year. For laughing too much. What?

I told her not to apologize to me ever again for that. I loved that they laughed and couldn’t focus on me … because that meant that they were completely engaged with each other.

The day we met for their engagement photos proved to be a repeat of our previous session. Kelli beamed nonstop. They retold their story to me about how they  met and started dating; when they knew they had found the one. 

And no matter the heat and mosquitos and surprises nature brought us during our shoot, these two were present with each other and clearly in love. And that… that makes my job so very easy.

One of my most favorite subtleties is the way a man will look at his fiancé when she isn’t looking.

Jeff and Kelli – it sometimes blows my mind how I knew you both before your journey began. I love that your paths crossed and then joined. Thank you for giving me the honor of recording your love story. For including me in the excitement and the memories! I know the best of life is yet to come and cannot wait to see how you fun marriage is for you both. Keep on jumping, Kelli!!!

be infinitely blessed

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Back to School Sale!

Can you believe summer is coming to a close and it’s time to get the kiddos ready for school again? I am soooo excited to offer Back to School mini sessions this year! I haven’t done this in quite some time and I get requests often for it. So I decided to pair your cuties with a vintage school bus!!!!

To snag your session on August 8th and 9th only, click THIS LINK and get signed up!!!

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JoElle | Oklahoma City Newborn Photographer

Jonathan and Courtney were married several years ago and I had the honor of being their wedding photographer. I was there when he proposed, when they said, “I do” and now as they celebrate becoming a family with this precious little doll.

I feel so honored to be asked to join them in this next chapter of life. After we finished, I think I held this baby girl for a good hour…. AKA: not-long-enough.

can it get sweeter than this???
Dear Courtney…. motherhood looks amazing on you. seeing Jonathan with his little girl…. it’s the kind of moment that will melt your heart. Jonathan and Courtney – thank you so very much for opening your home to me and for asking me to celebrate with you. Meeting JoElle was just what I needed. I know this little girl is special and has mighty plans set out for her! I can only hope to always be able to witness your celebrations and growth as a family! love you BIG.

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the Boyetts | Amarillo Family Photographer

The Boyett family; I feel cheated that I wasn’t born into it!!! They are each so much fun to be around. I have so enjoyed getting to know them all and photograph them this past year.

This family session was so much fun and so easy to photograph! We spent most of our time laughing. They have the coolest family dynamics. I don’t normally share bloopers on my blog but these had me cracking up so hard while editing.

If you know the Boyetts … you can agree that to know them is to love them!

Side note: Jason has a super cool podcast, Hey Amarillo…. and you need to check it out!

 Seriously.  Thank you for making my job so enjoyable. I had a great time photographing you but even more than that, I cherish our memories and experiences together! Thank you for your generosity, inclusion and for making it all seem less work and more play.


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Summer | Class of 2018

I feel like it’s wrong for me to refer to Summer’s session as “work” because most of it was play. I just sat there shaking from laughter the entire time. Summer is a lively and energetic young lady. I am so glad I got to meet her and photograph her.

Summmmmmmer! My goodness. I know i’m technically old enough to adopt you. But I kinda just want to pack all my bags, travel the planet with you and be BFFs. Can we do that? No? Crap.  Seriously though, I think you are just the kind of person this world needs. You are so much fun to be around and I know you will reach your potential!

Be infinitely blessed

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