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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Sterling and Londen

Sometimes, you run into people in the same places over and over and you’re just dyyyyying to photograph them. That was the case with these two. So i was really excited when we started talking about meeting for photos. Sterling and Londen are so much fun to be around. I love how easy it was […]

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the Widowski Family | Palo Duro Canyon

I am sure i could fill a room with people that love these four people. The Widowskis are the kind of people you want on your side always. They are the comforters, the supporters, the encouragers and most importantly… they are the kind of people that just let you know they are present and active […]

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O’Connor and Lusk Families

I met this beautiful family last month. They were finally all in town and together during the holidays and it was the perfect time to update their family portrait.  Working with a family with this many people can sometimes feel intimidating. But they were all so fun and easy to photograph. We spent most of […]

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Livi Blaire | Newborn

My friends had a tiny human! And y’all… she is the squishiest, good smelliest, cuddliest, adorablest little thing ever. I mean… i’m sitting in the living room holding her and Ashley says to me “i can hear your ovaries pounding from over here” truth. but can you blame me them?! chad and ashley. as always, […]

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Dawson | Class of 2017

This young man. He first made an impression on me a few years ago. He has a quiet confidence about him. But he also has this very pure and genuine heart. Dawson has a smile that can change your whole mood. Now Dawson is graduating. And just hearing about his plans and dreams for his […]

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