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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Halzie | Bridal

Tyler and Halzie were married last night surrounded by their sweetest family and friends. I have had the honor of being their friend and photographer while on this journey to their wedding day. Each time we meet, i learn more and more about their bond and the covenant between them. It’s a rare and beautiful […]

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Laura | Amarillo Maternity Photographer

Laura … i briefly saw her getting out of her vehicle. I first noticed that she was stunning. and super stylish. then she turned around and i saw that she was pregnant. And well… pregnant + beautiful = my favorite combination. So i talked myself into going over to talk to her. And then i […]

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Zoie | Lake Powell

I have known Zoie for a few years now. But it wasn’t until this spring that she and i spent any time together. Let me just tell you that this girl is an incredible human being. She is honest with herself. She is brave. And she is an overcomer. I slowly learn more and more […]

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Lake Powell | Farewell to Summer

We soaked up the last few bits of summer break over the long holiday earlier this month. We had this amazing idea to travel 4 states in 4 days. We camped in tents. Slept in hammock. Froze. Nearly passed out from heat. And ate more sandwiches than we care to talk about. I will visit […]

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Leaming Family

I’m not going to lie. This session made me cry. And looking at the photos afterward made me cry. I  have a lot to say about this session. so bear with me. this session brought all the emotions to the surface because of the way these four people love each other. Let’s be honest: picture […]

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