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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Book Report | January

in an effort to embrace my One Little Word for 2013, i have decided to rekindle my romance with a million words. This year, i set a goal for myself to read 50 books!!! I want to be optimistic and say that this will be a simple task. but truth is, recreational reading is difficult […]

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Hallie | One Year Old

as i sat down to prepare this blog post, i looked back at the past year of photos of Hallie Paige and .. simply put… i cannot believe an entire year has gone by.  Hallie is a unique. She’s serious. And focused. she is acutely aware of my presence and her smiles disappear as soon […]

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Officially Registered

i don’t know what it is about running. i like to sign up for half marathons and then fail to properly train. but… with that being said.. i have STILL managed to complete three half marathons. which technically means i’ve run one full and a half marathons, right? right! anyway… i’m officially registered for my […]

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Kurt and Candace | Amarillo Family Photographer

this family. they are very near and dear to my heart.  if you ever need to see strength. look to this family. if you ever need to see faith… look to this family. If you ever want to see a true testimony of how God brings beauty from ashes… you need look no further than […]

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Goldston Family

this beautiful family came to me a couple of months ago. i normally don’t photograph big groups of families. So it was a bit intimidating to be asked to come out. However, they are all so beautiful, it made my job more-than-easy.

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