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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Birth Photography | Amarillo Birth Photographer

i know you have all seen my posts on Birth Documentaries. i feel bad that i practically acost pregnant women at the grocery store and start jumping up and down any time a friend shares the news that she is with child. “eeeeeeeep! congratulations! i can’t wait to be in the delivery room with you!” […]

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National S’mores Day!

ummmm… is everyone here aware of the fact that there is a day dedicated to the yummy goodness of S’mores?!?!?! true story!!!! August 10th is National S’mores Day! i couldn’t make up that  fact of good news even if i WANTED to!!!  i found this amazing recipe for S’more Cookie Bars and went to work […]

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Jarrett & Eranne | Canyon Wedding Photographer

Soemtimes, you understand the depths of love between two people just by watching them with each other. In their quiet and humble tone, they embrace their committment and love for each other in a very special and tender way. I cannot express via photos the amount of love, support and encouragement that these two people […]

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Tri to Make a Difference | Community

one of the most amazing things about living in my community, is it’s cohesiveness. Despite differences in age, race, ethnicity, religion… there are always events taking place that find one common denominator: helping others and each other Last year was my first year to hear about the Tri to Make a Difference Triathlon held in […]

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Lauren | Amarillo Bridal Photography

David and Lauren’s wedding day has arrived. this is always a bittersweet time for me, because i become so attached to my couples. Especially my brides! speaking of brides…. when lauren showed up with a red couch. and red-soled Loub’s to match… i almost fainted. i doubt you have any idea just how beathtaking you […]

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