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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Singing forever young!

let’s rejoice in the beautiful game and together at the end of the day, we all say when i get older. i will be stronger. they’ll call me “freedom” just like a wavin’ flag so wave your flag! this morning… a year from the day we laid my brother to rest… this morning… Mother’s day […]

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8×8 May

this day. celebrates one year of your eternal life. for every tear that has fallen from our eyes. for every second we spend missing you… we also have a million moments of rejoicing that you are in Heaven. that you are no longer in pain. and that you are up there watching over us lovingly. […]

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Where the Hurt and the Healer Collide

this week’s posts were written some time in advance and scheduled to post on their own. as i felt that this week would be a particularly hard one as we approached the one year marker of my little brother’s passing. I cannot sit here and honestly tell you that i have been strong.  nor that […]

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The Written Word

the first time my mom took me to the library, i walked in and looked around. then my seven year old body seemed to barely contain itself and refrain from bursting into a million pieces of glittery confetti! “mom! look at all of these boooooooks! these people must be REALLY smart!” and thus began my […]

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Happy Sink-o

Happy Sink-o de Mayo, everyone! i apologize if you’re my friend and i sent you a text this morning thinking i was funny and all…. be safe. and be blessed

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