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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Wounded Warrior | Amarillo, TX

first and foremost… i want to say THANK YOU to the men and women who serve our country. fearlessly. tirelessly. bravely. valiantly. secondly – let me just say that Amarillo amazes me with their hospitality and ability to come together as a community to encourage and uplift others the way they do. Earlier this week, […]

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Madison | Class of 2012

the first time i saw Madison, she was on stage for “Schoolhouse Rock” at ALT. and … i mean… c’mon… your eyes just naturally gravitate to Madison. with or without your consent. she is just stunning. and i said to myself, “self! you MUST photograph her someday!” and this is one of those moments where […]

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Haleigh | College Graduate

haleigh and me? well… we bonded!!  over running. and the Bachelorette. the Hunger Games. and celebrity gossip. She makes you smile upon meeting her – and then for every second you’re in her presence. she’s THAT amazing! Haleigh is graduating from Texas Tech University this  spring! woooohoooo oh haleigh. you are the best person to […]

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I was runnnning…

so… i’m signed up for my third Half Marathon. you know… the first one was an accomplishment. mostly because i was surprised i made it across the finish line. i was proud. and felt great about myself. until friends started asking me about my time. then i hid behind my hand. ashamed that i probably […]

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