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Monthly Archives: October 2011

win some… win some

this morning, i’m curled up in my desk chair… backing up images from the last two days of sessions. I am clutching my normal coffee cup – only it’s filled to the brim with Emergen-C… again. Because i’m sick…. again. if there is one thing that yesterday LIFE has taught me… it’s that “things don’t […]

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Rahul & Erin | Sangeet

Rahul and Erin celebrated their Sangeet earlier this fall! I was so excited to document their celebration! This was one of the most fun groups i’ve been blessed to work with! I just adore every moment and detail of their Sangeet just in case she were to forget… Erin…. you are stunning. Nishel Events made […]

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Nick and Danielle | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

Nick and Danielle were married on a perfect tuesday morning this summer. their closest family and friends gathered around them and watched these two join their lives together it was a quiet and perfect celebration and union just moments before she walked down the aisle, Nick and Danielle met and shared a few special moments […]

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Gavin & Ashley | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

we sat laughing together in the sanctuary over a joke Gavin had told to break the quiet moment of mush that we were ooohing and ahhhhing through. and i mean… Ashley and I laughed so suddenly that it seemed it had almost just fallen out of us! Gavin and Ashley are magnetic. they have personality […]

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James & Jessica | Married

the room fell quiet. jessica and i stood there alone… waiting for her queue to walk down the aisle i asked her, “what does this feel like?” “i’ve never been more excited in my life! there were times in this process that things would be somewhat ‘taken’ away from my idea of my wedding day […]

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