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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Olivia | One Year Old!

when you walk into a room, and you meet a little miracle named “Olivia” you can’t help but be humbled by her this little bit of heaven is such a sweet spot on my heart and memory and i will always always allllllllllllllways feel honored to document her life Olivia is a happy little one […]

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Laken Bacon | Sunday Somethings

believe it or not… the photos i am about to share with you are from my child’s very first “photo session” EVER!!!! yes… six years of his life have passed and i have just now picked up the camera for more than a couple of shots – for the sake of photographing my child i […]

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Henry Boys | Kiddos

three years ago, these little boys walked into my little photography world and stole my heart….. i am sooo sooo sooooo blessed to have these boys in my life. it’s always a good time with Caden, Crockett and Cash!!! Kevin and Courtney – if i could get away with it, i would steal them all. […]

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Bennett | Newborns

i have eagerly awaited the arrival of mr. Bennett! just a few hours after he was born i received a phone call! so i packed my camera gear and made my way to the hospital to capture his first few moments in life! be still my beating ovaries…. kyle, megan, and my chubs…. i am […]

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Evan | Class of 2011

evan is the kind of guy that you just instantly love! behind his amazing smile is almost a nervous and shy interaction as he’d say “ok chriselda!” he’s humble pie and just completely addictive! having the opportunity to photograph him only as he performed in ALT Academy shows, most recently as Conrad Bidie in Bye […]

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