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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Sadler Family

“babies are such a nice way to start people! “ – don herald babies… there’s something about them that makes them different from anything else in this life. maybe it’s the miracle of it all. the fact that something resides in your hearts and mind – growing, becoming, and beginning a life. then you hold […]

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six whole years

on march 29th, 2005 at 7:13am…. i met this little man right here: he was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen he became the most tangible definition of true love that i have ever experienced six years. twenty six inches. and 38 pounds later… he gives meaning to my life. he brings happiness to […]

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run until my feet no longer run no more

as you’re sitting there at your computer desk, reading this, most likely eating a nice and hearty Sunday breakfast and sippin’ on your cup of coffee… i’m putting my body through the most traumatic thing it has ever done 13.1 miles of running yes…. THIRTEEN POINT ONE!!!! but, who are we kidding?! we all know […]

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Morgan | Portraits

i’m 100% convinced that i could photograph this young lady every! single! day! i am lucky that she comes to me a couple of times a year to update her headshots for Pageant submissions morgan – you are such an outstanding young lady. i am so proud of all you  have accomplished and your ability […]

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Luis & Emma | Couples

a few years ago, i saw Emma at a restaurant and told her she was absolutely stunning. I sat at lunch distractedly, thinking about how great it would be to photograph her. Imagine my suprise, when a few weeks ago, Luis contacts me and says he wants to surprise her with a photo session! this […]

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