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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Good Morning, Sunshine

this morning, i sat at the kitchen table holding my cup of coffee and eating a toaster waffle like it was a piece of toast. I’m sure i was quite frightful – with a big mess of bed hair and remnants of yesterday’s makeup still on my face.  I sat there, comatose, in hopes that […]

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Jaxx | One Year Old!

it’s hard to believe that a year can go by so quickly. life has a funny way of speeding by without permission.without a warning. and before you know it, that little boy you held in your arms unceasingly, is now a year old. as you sit there and stare into your growing child’s eyes, you […]

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Anna | Kiddos

before meeting little Miss Anna, i was told that she was sure to smile. and giggle and laugh. this little girl…. she is happy. and by “happy” i mean she walked around smiling non-stop. something as simple as running up and down the driveway was seriously the! best! thing! ever!! watching her toddle around laughing […]

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i was running | personal

“they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint….” checkpoint! i was supposed to run a half marathon in December. i didn’t do it. because i chickened out. because i was not prepared. because i didn’t want to go. because i had excuses. and lots of them!! and i’ve craved running. […]

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Simmie | Babies

“Babies are such a nice way to start people” – Don Herold with their teeny tiny feet. the little bitty noises they make. the sweet way they smell. their little bitty yawns making your heart flutter. baby simmie can melt your heart. and he will. leslie – thank you for inviting me into your home […]

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