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Monthly Archives: May 2010

New and Exciting!!!! | Business

when i first went “full time” with my business, i set goals for myself. whether it was a goal to purchase new equipment. or to shoot new things. or… travel new places for work… there was ALWAYS a goal… or two. this year, i have compiled my list of goals. and one of them was […]

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Peyton & Ashley | Weddings

I’ve never really subscribed to the idea that when two people get married, that the “two become one” i’ve said for many years, that i think it’s a simple union and coexistence an … entwining of two lives. hearts. families. as i spent time with Peyton and Ashley during their engagement, i realized that they […]

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Addison & Ashli | portraits

many years ago, i was on the hunt for “models” to build up my portrait portfolio a friend and client of mine, referred twin sisters Addison and Ashli to me at the time, they were much younger. but just as beautiful. a few weeks ago, their mom asked me to update their portraits for them […]

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Baby Addison | Babies

babies!!!!!! spring babies! i love it. love them. love how cute and squishy and giggly they are how their teeny tiny bodies encompass personalities from the “get go” i love their lotiony scent their pouts the way they get so exhausted during photo shoots life is tough as an infant Linda is one of my […]

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the Kees | family

Jared and Lindsey just welcomed a brand new baby boy into their lives, hearts, and home you’re going to need to prepare yourselves for this little cutie! during our session he was passed out! we jostled him around. changed his clothes. wrapped him in blankets. stripped him down to his bare bottom he is such […]

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