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Monthly Archives: November 2009

the Henrys | family

Kevin, Courtney, Caden, Crockett, Cash… it’s a tongue twister. but they are also one of my favorite families to photograph i always have such a good time with the Henrys not to mention courtney has impeccable style and they always look perfectly adorable! i LURVE this photo. it makes me want to be a mom […]

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Jason & Abby | Married

if you don’t believe in romance if you don’t believe in passion or desire. or affection. or happiness. or true love i would tell you, to kindly meet my friends: Jason and Abby i’ve sat at this computer screen for several minutes trying to come up with a way to “summarize” their wedding day or […]

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the Needhams | family

sometimes i get a request to photograph babies long before the baby is even born. it’s adorable i LOVE that mom’s think that far in advance about their precious memories danielle was one of these mom’s. she emailed me and we talked for a month or so before i got to meet the baby and […]

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Proof of God | Bushland, TX Gas Explosion

it was 1:47 am last Thursday morning when my phone rang on my night stand i reached for the phone, saw it was my mom calling i don’t think i was aware of the time at that point i just knew she was calling i answered the phone with a groggy “hello” and she said […]

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