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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Cassidy | Class of 2009

about a month ago, i saw Cassidy at my favorite sushi restaurant here in town. She had the cutest boots on … ever. and as i sat there, i thought, “i HAVE to photograph her!!” i left the restaurant, and then decided to go back inside to talk to her. (let’s pretend this isn’t creepy […]

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Ethan | class of 2009

a few weeks ago, i sat across from ethan before our session started. Ethan asked me if i did photography full time. when i said yes, he said “wow! you live by your heart” and at that point, i knew that i was about to photograph someone rather exceptional.  i’m going to go ahead and […]

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Kurt and Candace | Maternity

a little over two years ago, i met Kurt and Candace. they were the first couple i photographed for my official “business”  Since then, i have photographed for them several other times, including helping them with other projects. you can imagine how excited i was to  hear that Candace was going to have a baby! […]

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Connor | Class of 2009

i’m already crying. and i haven’t even started to tell you about this young man. Connor is more than a graduate this year. he is more than my brother. he is MORE than my little boy’s uncle.  You see, Connor is a fighter. a survivor. a statement. a spirit. a challenger. a fearless individual. and […]

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