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Year in Review | 2012

with or without my consent, 2012 has come to a close and we are soon welcoming the new year.  Each year, i sit down and take a moment to review my year… to see what i have accomplished and been a part of. I look back at each of these Year in Review posts and […]

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a year in review | 2011

welcoming 2012 is both exciting and unbelievable. last year was was the busiest of my career. while i was acutely aware of fast and demanding pace, i still didn’t realize exactly how much i had done until i sat down to total everything. speaking candidly, 2011 was also the most difficult year i have ever […]

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2010 a Year in Review

in a few short hours, we will say goodbye to 2010 and bring in the new year. i’m not really sure how it has all gone by so quickly – time seems to pass without asking for my permission. for the last two years, i have taken a look back at the year, totaling all […]

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2009 | A Year in Review

well, well, well… 2009 has come to a close it has been an AMAZING journey this year the beginning of 2009 is COMPLETELY different from what it is now every year, i total up the sessions from the year. here is the tally for this year’s sessions: 16 maternity sessions, 17 babies, 43 children, 52 […]

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a year in review | 2008

last year, i was working a full time job and doing photography “a la carte” when i went to dallas last October, i sat at the Chili’s Too in Dallas Love Field Airport and furiously scribbled on a napkin that i was going to go into “full-time” business for myself on Septemer 24, 2008. This […]

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