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Phillip & Britni | Lubbock, TX Wedding Photographer

they day of phillip and britni’s wedding, i sat at the kitchen table sipping a perfect cup of coffee with Britni and her bridesmaids. we laughed and shared stories and talked excitedly about the BIG DAY. there are simply no words to describe how much britni loves phillip. there are no words to adequately describe […]

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Curt and Jenny | Married

Curt and Jenny are the kind of people that you instantly like individually, they are amazing. but together… they are magnetic. i first met them last summer and have spent the last year occasionally emailing back and forth with Jenny it’s one of those weddings when i feel sad to see the day come and […]

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Peyton & Ashley | Weddings

I’ve never really subscribed to the idea that when two people get married, that the “two become one” i’ve said for many years, that i think it’s a simple union and coexistence an … entwining of two lives. hearts. families. as i spent time with Peyton and Ashley during their engagement, i realized that they […]

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Jacob and Tandi | Married

Jacob and Tandi were my last wedding of 2009 i can’t think of a better way to end my year, than with this couple. after seeing her engagement photos, tandi sent me an email saying “these photos made me fall in love with jacob all over again” their wedding was one of the most unique […]

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