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Danica | class of 2016

Danica is a graduate this spring. when i first met her. she was a baby. an actual infant. to know that she is now grown and on her way into adulthood and this crazy big world… blows my mind.  This girl has a special spark within her. It doesn’t take long to notice it. danica’s […]

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Jake |Class of 2016

Quiet. Reserved. Jake. We had a great time on their private stretch of land.  He has a fearlessness about him. He got scary close to the edge of the canyon. His mom and I might have gasped a few times when the wind came through with a gust. But truly, this guy is a joy […]

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Jordan | Class of 2016

Jordan is a high school graduate this may. He is also one of “my kids” and by that i mean, i have been able to witness his talents, growth, and becoming of a young man through the years. He is devoted. And talented. and kind. recently, jordan’s introspection of self surfaced to all of us. […]

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Emily | College Graduate

Emily provided me with an afternoon of complete happiness. I know i say it all the time…. maybe i’m just lucky. But this girl right here… i appreciate her willingness to open up and reveal her personality. She is such a blast to be around and had me laughing the entire time! Emily is graduating […]

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Mason | Class of 2016

Graduate season is here! Mason is graduating high school this year and has plans to attend college on a baseball scholarship. And that’s awesome. Maybe one day he’ll be a famous baseball player and i can finally have my claim to fame. or not. at any rate, we met a few weeks ago for his […]

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