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Dawson | Class of 2017

This young man. He first made an impression on me a few years ago. He has a quiet confidence about him. But he also has this very pure and genuine heart. Dawson has a smile that can change your whole mood. Now Dawson is graduating. And just hearing about his plans and dreams for his […]

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Hannah and Hailey | class of 2017

These two beautiful girls have been gracing me with their presence for the last few years. It is allllllways a good time. They are energetic and full of fun personality. I cannot believe they are graduating. “stand there together and act like you like each other!” Hannah and Hailey – i cannot really explain how […]

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Molly | Class of 2017

i had just packed all my camera equipment. was driving over to meet Molly for her graduate session. And then … i almost picked up the phone to call her and tell her i was canceling her session. i was *this close* to postponing. Because i’m just not ready. Knowing and photographing molly the last […]

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Ben | Class of 2017

It all started ten years ago. Ben was playing Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol at ALT. He was just a small kid then. And i would give him money to run around backstage saying “kangawoo song! kangawoo song!” Through the years, i have watched this young man on stage and off. I cannot say […]

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Madeleine | Class of 2017

Madeleine is one of those young girls that just kinda sneaks up on you. She is quiet and reserved. But… when your eyes fall on her, you see an abundance of talent and drive and beauty. And then you can’t take your eyes off of her. My moment came a few years ago from the […]

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