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Brennan | Class of 2010

if i was 18… i’d want to be friends with brennan. she is sweet. funny. smart. genuine. and makes you feel really comfortable and  like her childhood friend from the moment she smiles and says hello to you heck, i even want to be friends with her now. is this allowed??? can i buy us […]

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Autumn | class of 2010

photographing autumn’s senior portraits was an amazing experience! she is strikingly beautiful and has no idea that she is we had an absolute blast the entire afternoon autumn is the “perfect” client: up for anything. completely humble. and as sweet as they come. enjoy the favorites! this was an absolute BLAST!!! we started the session […]

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Cassidy | Class of 2009

about a month ago, i saw Cassidy at my favorite sushi restaurant here in town. She had the cutest boots on … ever. and as i sat there, i thought, “i HAVE to photograph her!!” i left the restaurant, and then decided to go back inside to talk to her. (let’s pretend this isn’t creepy […]

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Ethan | class of 2009

a few weeks ago, i sat across from ethan before our session started. Ethan asked me if i did photography full time. when i said yes, he said “wow! you live by your heart” and at that point, i knew that i was about to photograph someone rather exceptional.  i’m going to go ahead and […]

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Connor | Class of 2009

i’m already crying. and i haven’t even started to tell you about this young man. Connor is more than a graduate this year. he is more than my brother. he is MORE than my little boy’s uncle.  You see, Connor is a fighter. a survivor. a statement. a spirit. a challenger. a fearless individual. and […]

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