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Katie | Class of 2017

What Katie doesn’t know is that she was the catalyst for a full week of wheels turning in my head. She doesn’t know that the 30 minute conversation we had after our session ended made me love her more than i thought was possible. She is so down to earth and so dedicated to the betterment of […]

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Preston | Class of 2017

Preston. I’m fascinated by him. He has this charming personality and a smile that just makes you feel important to him. He is humble and kind. And is one of the funniest kids i have met. But what most inspires me about Preston is his desire to spread love and positivity to others through words […]

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Andrea | Class of 2017

I’ve been hiding under lists and lists and lissssts of edits. tis the season for high school graduates and the beginning of wedding season. I have had a great spring so far and cannot wait to finally share my recent projects. Last month, Andrea and i met to photograph her last few moments as a […]

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Kim | College Grad 2017

Kimberly is a college graduate. She wanted to incorporate some of her dance studies into our time together. We had a great time driving around town for photos. I instantly felt at home and talked to her about all sort of things; life. that funny noise my car was making, dance poses, and rando animals […]

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Cara | Class of 2017

Cara is a graduate this spring.  We only recently met. But there is something about Cara that makes you feel right at home. She is wildly talented and has the best smile. Cara. I am SO glad our paths finally crossed and i was fortunate enough to meet and get to know you better. i […]

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