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Laken | 12 years

my kiddo turned 12 today at 7:13am Now, i do not consider myself a sentimental mother. it’s not my style. i didn’t save macaroni necklaces or those handprint paintings. i don’t cry on the first day of school. and i didn’t get emotional when he hit the “double digit” mark in age. but something about […]

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Moët and Chandon | Epernay, France

Last month, i joined 7 women… and complete strangers in Paris, France. I will be sharing more of the trip soon. But first i wanted to talk about our visit to Moët and Chandon. Because i can still taste all the food and champagne. We hopped on a train from Paris to Epernay  The town […]

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Lake Powell | Farewell to Summer

We soaked up the last few bits of summer break over the long holiday earlier this month. We had this amazing idea to travel 4 states in 4 days. We camped in tents. Slept in hammock. Froze. Nearly passed out from heat. And ate more sandwiches than we care to talk about. I will visit […]

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An Open Letter to My Child

An open letter to my child. I fear i am messing this up. That your life is not what it should have been. could have been. I fear everyday that i am not enough for you. And maybe that’s why i’m hellbent on trying to give/show you the world. I mean it when i say […]

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