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Devon + Jill | Engaged

There’s something about an engagement session that leaves an aftertaste of love and light. There is excitement. And giddiness. And sweet affection. With Devon and Jill, you could feel how much they truly care about each other and how much they have invested into their relationship. Everything was natural and easy. I am completely excited […]

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Tyler + Halzie | Engagement

Tyler, Halzie, and I stood there and talked for about 20 minutes before we even took a single photo. Full faced smiles would surface when i asked how they had started dating and how their relationship had progressed over time.  I was so happy to spend time with them… getting to know Halzie better and […]

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Scott + Laurie | Palo Duro Canyon Photographer

Scott and Laurie are celebrating their anniversary and asked me to take their photos. They are taking their celebration on the road, visiting state parks across Texas. When they came to my neck of the woods, they asked me to join them to be photographed. They are truly some of the best people i have […]

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Skip and Margie | 50th Anniversary

Skip and Margie are celebrating their 50th anniversary. I’m sure they get asked all the time what their secret to marriage is. But that didn’t keep me from asking them anyway. What stuck with me most is that their response was simply “we are in love” It has echoed with me since i heard that. […]

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Ben and Darian | Engagement

there are few people in the world that i would wake up at 5am for. Darian is one of those people. I have had the tremendous pleasure of knowing her for a while now. She has a vibrant and charismatic personality.  We have these insightful conversations every time we meet.  We met recently and talked […]

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