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Vincent 1 Year Old

Hold on hold on hold on! Is this NOT the cutest little nugget you’ve seen?! This sweet little guy just turned a year old. He’s active and mobile and has endless personality. And… check out his cute little outfit! We quickly learned that cowboy boots only slow you down. Tyler and Jordan! Your little guy […]

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Oliver | Four Years Old

In my next life, i want to come back as Oliver. He is cool. Hip. Stylish. has the coolest parents ever… and now he’s about to be a big brother. Jimmy and Mackenzie. He certainly makes it easy. Thank you for sharing him with me through the years. I adore the snot out of him […]

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Livi | Amarillo Children’s Photographer

If taking this little lady┬áhome with me would’ve been ok with her mom and grandmother… and/or if it wasn’t illegal to just snatch her up and take her home with me… well… she’d be here with me eating snacks, painting our nails, and being silly. This little doll face is so energetic and full of […]

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Cross | Five Years

In case you’re new here…. this little man (and his three older brothers) take the spot in my most favorite clients to photograph. I have photographed them for the last 8 years… before this little guy was even born. This past year, Cross and i have become the best of friends and he makes me […]

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Cross | Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Cross was so excited to take pictures by the pink wall and with his balloons. One day he might look back and change his mind. But for now… he’s just stealing hearts. be infinitely blessed

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