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Trak | Amarillo Birth Photographer

mishon called me very calmly. let me know she was in labor. i was around the corner from the hospital having lunch. so i quickly paid my tab and made my way to the hospital. When i got there, Mishon was smiling and all was well with the world. the rest of the afternoon is […]

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Quinn’s Birthday | Amarillo Birth Photographer

i held Quinn in my arms. and wept. this beautiful baby girl will probably never fully understand how miraculous her place in this world is. nor will she understand the countless hours, tears, and prayers on her behalf long before she ever arrived. But hopefully, when she’s older she can look back at these photos […]

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Birth Photography | Amarillo Birth Photographer

i know you have all seen my posts on Birth Documentaries. i feel bad that i practically acost pregnant women at the grocery store and start jumping up and down any time a friend shares the news that she is with child. “eeeeeeeep! congratulations! i can’t wait to be in the delivery room with you!” […]

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Titus | Amarillo Birth Photography

 there’s no questioning the miracle that is childbirth. and while i’ve experienced it firsthand myself, there is something inspiring and unequivocally amazing about watching someone else bring life into this world. this is, by far, my greatest contribution to memories. legacies. and families. and i could NEVER do this moment justice. when greg and leila […]

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baby Joab | Amarillo Birth Photographer

baby Joab is a true “modern day miracle” and i am so honored and humbled to have been alongside his family as they welcomed this precious little boy into their homes and hearts. this moment….  grandad held their first grandchild. and all those prayers had been answered and fulfilled. i have been lucky enough to […]

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