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Jonathan & Courtney | a love story

it was the perfect day.

there was a peace about the day. there was something unique and different and exclusive to Jonathan and Courtney’s wedding day.  and every person in attendance left that ceremony and celebration as a better version of themselves than when they walked in. and not because Jonathan and Courtney are perfect. but because their love was made perfect and was on display for everyone present.

as i have sifted through thousands of their wedding photos, i have become quite emotional.  in the small touches, smiles, expressions, and details lies a direct representation of a love that God designed and brought to light up this summer afternoon and evening.  It was in the way Courtney’s ten bridesmaids circled around her for prayer. The way Jonathan’s sister (doubling as a bridesmaid) spent much of the morning watching over her brother. The way family rings were worn. And bible verses were highlighted by guests. Their love shone bright through the complete purity of their first look. the way Courtney’s sister’s voice lit up the aisle as she walked down toward her groom. The way Jonathan looked at her dad as he gave his little girl’s hand in marriage. The praise and worship. The beautiful blue sky.

Hundreds of people watched as Jonathan and Courtney united their lives as one. But for me… watching them… it seemed like the venue was empty and it was just them and the presence of God. I am speechless. and completely touched by the genuine love they share. and the way it radiates to everyone who had the privilege of being a witness.

it was the perfect day.

Jonathan and Courtney chose to spend a few moments together with each other prior to the ceremony. The first look is always a special time for couples before the pace of the wedding day rushes them into bypassing the small moments.before the ceremony began, courtney’s bridesmaids and mother circled around her for a special time of prayer. it was such a precious time.Moonwater Weddings provided a stunning backdrop for their wedding festivities!

this moment right here… it reduces me to tears. how beautifulbefore their wedding ceremony began, they asked their friends and family to pray over them and join them in a praise and worship song: How He Loves as a sign of communion and unity – Jonathan and Courtney took a few moments to reflect on Jesus’s first miracle. At a wedding, Jesus turned water into wine. Jonathan and Courtney poured two separate glasses of wine into one to emphasize the moment when His glory was first revealed and his disciples believed Him. “This was our way of blending two lives into one but also our trust and belief in His glory for our lives”The wedding day was exquisite with much thanks to Crystal Burns as wedding coordinator and Amy Thoennes with floral design.jonathan and courtney: i know you had many choices on wedding photographers. when i first found out i would have the honor of being your eyes and ears, i was immediately intimidated because i knew this would be a most special day. Looking back on this now… there is no photograph i could give you that would bring any sort of justice to the beauty and peace that was present that day. I almost wanted to hold these photos close to me and never bring them to light because it was such a magical moment. Thank you for allowing me the honor to witness a miracle. to witness, firsthand, God’s love for us. And for making us a part of your wedding weekend. this has truly been the highlight of my life and heartsong and i will never be able to fully explain how blessed i am to have been your photographer.  May you always look back on today as the day you loved each other the least… your love growing more and more every day as you share your lives together.

enjoy your slideshow

be infinitely blessed

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