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as big as the sky!

recently… my child made a book listing “Five Reasons i Love Mom”

among those things, was the fact that i tuck him in at night and tell him good morning each day. and in that exact moment, i felt as though i was doing it right. for just one brief moment of my day – i felt that it was on course. and things were falling into place as they should.

you see, each night, laken and i lay under the covers and we tell each other how much we love each other. Laken often says something like, “i love you like 8 billion percent” and i say “i love you as big as a refrigerator” or “i love you bigger than than the moon”

and sometimes, laken will tell me he loves me as “big as the sky”

and for those of you who live in the flatlands of the Texas Panhandle… you’ll agree that this statement means he loves me tremendously!

oh laken… you sure do know how to make your momma feel special!

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