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Mexico | Mexico City

beyond the comfort zone. beyond familiarity. discovering new lands. new existence. new peace of mind. many a tear was shed in Mexico City. a sense of humility. appreciation. reflection.

it may sound flowery. it might sound overly romantic. but i guarantee you that i left there feeling much better about everything. left Mexico City really grasping an understanding of some of the darker areas of life. left Mexico City completely aware of the life being granted to us on a daily basis. in awe of how easily it is to side step. or take the shortcut. rather than go THROUGH.

enamored by the sense of being among my culture. blindly trusting the good nature in man. relying on spirit to guide you. expecting that the river bend just carry you on through.

and Mexico… you did not fail me

no fear. without question. we walked the city. relied on public transportation. befriended souls. left life happen. let life happen. and watched it too.

MEX0122 copyMEX0129 copyMEX0098 copy

common to see people selling papers, fruits, nuts, toys, and gum on the streets.this is their INCOME. it’s not selling something to the tourists. people come out and wash your windshield. for money. and they do this all day. they are on the street selling cheap, useless items… bottled water. trying to make a living. the children do it. it breaks my heart. piece by piece i fall apart in knowing that they don’t know the life we do. yet, all the while, i acknowledge their resilient spirit.MEX0324 copyMEX0422 copy

common housing

MEX0426 copyMEX0497 copypublic restrooms are not free. we paid almost $1 USD several times to use the restroom.

09MEX409 copyMEX0364 copy09MEX414 copythe major highlight of the trip was our trip to Xochimilco. my photos could never do it justice. we rented a boat for an hour and just sat there listening to a man paddle us about the river. boats coming up to offer us food, drinks, music, and blankets. its no stretch to say that i felt a complete peace of mind there. so distant from where we were the rest of the trip. delicately enclosed by avocado trees. palm trees. and the perfectly crisp air. and the sound of the water. just swooshing.

MEX0254 copyMEX0242 copyMEX0326 copyour final day of the trip we went to Teotihuacan. i stood at the edge and just bawled. i studied Egyption history when i was younger. to see an actual pyramid in life, was nothing short of majestic. i cannot find the words to accurately describe, explain, or emit what i felt standing there in the sun looking out toward the pyramids. my mind was paralyzed and i lacked the capability to photograph. for that, i will not apologize. i’m happy to have just relished in that moment.

MEX0479 copyour dinner that evening consisted of Consomme, pork skins, and cactus. i’m surprised by the way so many people run businesses in their homes. we ate in a restaurant that required that we walk through someone’s personal kitchen. as we walked through, several of them were sitting at the table laughing and talking. i snapped this on the way out.

MEX0459 copyMEX0435 copyMEX0467 copysurreal. it is so different from my home. from my life here. i am ever so thankful to have the opportunity to go back to Mexico. to have created these memories. i will never forget this trip. nor do i take it lightly. this is the ONE thing that i have done in my life that has had this much value. and worth. eternally at peace. with these moments.

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December. 22. 2009 - 10:36 am

Alicia - Wow you have such a way with words, the way you describe these makes me feel like I was there. Amazing pictures!

December. 22. 2009 - 11:57 am

Erica - Love the pictures! The one of the kitchen table reminds me of my grandmothers…a very important place in a mexican home. Thanks for sharing.

December. 22. 2009 - 12:32 pm

B - wow, you captured it just as it is….a very familiar place to me. Thanks for sharing.

December. 22. 2009 - 8:43 pm

Danielle - beautiful.simply beautiful.

December. 23. 2009 - 8:30 pm

Kristi S - Lovely photos, C. This brought back many memories of my trips to La Ciudad de Mexico! Aren’t the floating gardens and pyramids cool??

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