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sprinkles. it’s all in the sprinkles of life

i was joking the other day about christmas

and how i didn’t understand how people get so flustered

and rushed

because christmas is the SAME TIME EVERY YEAR

there shouldn’t be such a thing as “christmas sneaking up” on anyone!

before my laughter had even subsided, i hear the words,

“can you believe it’s Friday?!”

my laughter probably stopped dead in it’s tracks

and i said “WHAT?!”

yes sir… Christmas has snuck up on me

(sidenote: is “snuck” a word? or is it “sneaked” ?? i should know this, i was an english major for some time in college)

Well, now that you know that christmas is, in fact, fast approaching

and that i have done nothing in terms of preparation. no shopping. no wrapping of gifts

my tree has been up since Halloween – or quite possibly still up from last christmas (you’ll never really know, will you???)

but that is about it.

I have spent much of the last two months in travel

we recently returned from mexico and then had a quick trip out to san antonio

both were relaxing and quite enjoyable

during this time, we have also had bad news delivered to some of our family members regarding their health

i’ve seen my friends lose their loved ones

or cope with illness

i’m not sure where i heard this … Facebook? Twitter?

but it is the whole purpose of this post…

“Don’t focus so much on the URGENT that you forget what’s IMPORTANT”

the whole purpose of this post …

is to remind all of you to take a step back from the holiday craziness

and re-evaluate what the “spirit” of christmas is all about

soak up those moments of baking with your grandmother

or putting together a questionable Gingerbread house with your kids

shift your focus from the urgency to shop, mail out cards, wrap gifts…

and focus on what is REALLY important

and that is the life you were given

and are blessed with daily


while in Mexico City, Laken and i spent much time just being silly

i love that my little boy is such a goober and so full of life and makes no apologies for it

nor do i ask him to

as we ate breakfast on our hotel bed,

i looked up to see him eating ONLY the sprinkles off of his donut

when asked why he wasn’t eating the rest, he replied:

“because i just like the sprinkles”

i aspire to be more like my son

LAKENMEXwe just returned from San Antonio

there are PLENTY of new blog posts to feast your eyes upon!

those shall return this week!!!

but until then…

enjoy the sprinkles in your life!!!!

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December. 21. 2009 - 1:39 pm

Briana - I just wrote a post on my blog on a similar theme. It’s crazy how life seems to get in the way, and suddenly something so wonderful as Christmas seems like an inconvenience.

You’re boy is beautiful, and I admire his sprinkle philosophy. We lost a family member this weekend, and another is severely ill, and I’ve let that depress me when I should turn it into a lesson to value my family moments and let myself truly enjoy them. Your family is in my prayers.

Merry Christmas!

December. 22. 2009 - 10:39 am

Alicia - Thanks for this post, I really needed this reminder!!

December. 22. 2009 - 8:46 pm

Danielle - can i just say that i love your child! 🙂

December. 30. 2009 - 9:42 pm

Courtney Henry - Such fun!!!!

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