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Maverick’s Birthday | Amarillo Birth Photographer

Look at this cutie:

Maverick was born to a most loving family a couple of months ago. Eric and Lindsay make it look easy. They are always smiling. Always filled with joy. Their children are the sweetest and kindest.

This is my second birth story with them and I couldn’t feel more honored to capture their memories. Lindsay is a videographer.  I love how well they do life and how they take moments to document it.
Maverick – you are so loved and so precious. I am excited to watch you grow and thrive. you are welcomed into a most loving family that has loved and prayed for you long before you arrived. Eric and Lindsay – you are rockstars in my book. Thank you for showing us all how amazing life and parenting is. Your children are sweet angels and I am fascinated by the way you live so intentionally and joyfully!

thank you for the honor of documenting this very sweet day for you! I love you both dearly!

be infinitely blessed

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