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Gracie | Class of 2018

The thing about Gracie is that you can’t be around her and not smile. Or feel loved. She has the sweetest soul. There is something very soothing in her presence that always puts me at peace.

Gracie and I had been planning this photo session for over a month but the wind had other plans for us. When we finally met, I was so excited to take Gracie to this field of pinwheels. ┬áIt just fit her personality to take her to a place so colorful. Who doesn’t love pinwheels?! Who doesn’t love Gracie?

oh gracie! you are so many things that I can’t explain. I hope you know just how much I adore you and how loved you are. Thank you for sharing your sweet soul with everyone around you for all these years. For sharing your talent. and your beautiful voice. thank you for being so true and genuine. I love seeing you transition into this next chapter of your life. I know you have the world to discover and impact and cannot wait to see what your future brings. I am always here. Always loving you. And cheering you on!

be infinitely blessed

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