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Jade | Class of 2018

I am so proud to share this young lady with all of you. Sometimes I feel like my website is one long diary entry. But here’s the deal… everyone that has ever stood in front of my camera has impacted my life in some way, shape, or form.

Jade. How do I put this? ….Jade has an unimaginable story to tell about her life and she is still so very young. ┬áBut never ever EVER have I seen this little lady project anything besides love and light. Now… i’m not saying she’s perfect. I’m just saying that her particular set of life circumstances would paralyze most of us. But this young lady is an overcomer and a champion. She triumphs. and succeeds. and dreams oh so big. and those dreams become her reality. and in my opinion…. that makes Jade quite the bad ass. (pardon my french)

To photograph her is an honor. But to know her and to have watched her journey in this life is a privilege. Jade Larsen, I have so very much to learn from you. And you will never fully understand the impact that you have made on my life since you were just a child. I love you more than I can ever express and am waiting anxiously to see what you put your heart into in the future.

I will always cherish our moments of laughter, those cookouts, the time we had to run in the rain at the fair, the endless hugs, the birthday parties and wrestling matches where Mauricio would eat your friend’s lunchables…. I promise to always be your cheerleader. And that in those moments where I feel my angels around me, that I will think of you and your smile and thank the HEAVENS that God continues to grace us all with your mom’s spirit in your precious smile and heart.

alright. I’m done crying now. love you BIG.

be infinitely blessed


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