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Abby | Class of 2018

To know and photograph this young lady is a treat. She has a quiet calm about her. But don’t be fooled. She has a contagious energy and is so down to earth and real.  In between laughs, I become better acquainted with this fierce young lady.

We met for photos a few weeks ago and I asked her what kind of setting she would like. She claimed to be an outdoorsy person and wanted to do more “naturey” kind of photos.

Let me make one thing clear…. Abby is NOT the outdoorsy kind. She is squeamish about most things like… grass. wind. bugs. you know…. stuff that is outside.

and i’m not afraid to call her out on it.

to be fair, however, she did get her hair stuck in the weeds. and I did let go of one of these weeds (¯\_(?)_/¯ ) and it smacked her right in the face. Abby… ok fine. I guess i’ll let you grow up and leave us. I have no doubt in my mind that anything that you set your mind to is within your reach. you have such a gentle soul but the kind of spirit that you have well bring so much joy and light to your world. I full trust that you have an impact to make on everyone around you. Thank you for sharing your senior year memories with me. I am forever grateful to know you and to have had the opportunity to hang out with you for an evening.

be infinitely blessed

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