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Colton and Jessica | Engagement

These two. We were racing against the sun. Zipping around the falls area. Before we had even started their photos, Colton saw an emergency vehicle stuck in the mud. Without skipping a beat, he pulled over and assisted them. And while we sat in the car, waiting, Jessica gushed over how generous and selfless he is. It didn’t even matter to her that we were losing valuable time for photos…. because he was helping someone else.

The rest of our time together was so endearing. Colton and Jessica are a great fit. They love each other well and easily and without reserve. It was a great day photographing them and definitely a highlight of my month!

Colton and Jessica, thank you so much for sharing your engagement with me! It was such a joy to photograph you and laugh alongside you for an afternoon. I cannot wait to see what marriage brings for you both!

be infinitely blessed

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