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Ashton and Emma | Wedding

There is nothing I can say in this paragraph here that would encompass Ashton and Emma’s wedding day adequately. They had a beautiful day. It was such a peaceful and joyful day as everyone gathered around.

I photograph over 20 weddings a year; each special in their own way. I am often so caught up in working and photographing that I don’t slow down enough to feel. But on this day… every single one of us as witness could feel it. The joy. The love. The celebration.

and it just makes my job and life so fulfilling

In case any of you are wondering if a first look makes that “reveal” moment any less emotional or magical… Ashton and Emma. It has been a true joy and honor to know you. To photograph you. To celebrate you. And to love you. Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer and for including me in your lives. This day will remain a highlight of my career. I am excited to see how you do marriage and life and family and can only hope that i’m along to document the ride!

be infinitely blessed

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