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Spalding Family

Could they be any more precious?! I have been photographing these awesome people for a few years now. I cannot express how much having them as clients means to me. I get the sweetest messages and random checkins. It’s heartwarming and makes me feel included in their lives. I love watching Adam and Braden grow as a family and take on new adventures. But i especially love when they meet me for photos here in Texas.

this family… the walked right on out of a magazine! i wish i knew what they were communicating to each other. was it me? was it something i said? or are photos just that exhausting??yeah. i think we were done at this point. We went inside to get ready for naps. I LOVE these little monkeys in their matching pajamas.  Adam and Braden! As always, it was so lovely to see you again and to photograph you. You are a recurring highlight in my career and your presence in my life is so positive and brings me all the good energy. Thank you for continuing to gift me with your joy and family!

be infinitely blessed


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