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Kirstin | Maternity

I know i have said this before, but it is worth repeating… the most connected that i have ever felt to my mother was seeing a photo of her when she was pregnant with me. It’s an old worn out photo; tattered edges, faded color, not even in focus. She’s standing in the doorway of the house in what seems to be her nightgown and she’s holding her belly. She’s holding me.

You know that scene from “The Family Stone” when SJP gifts them all framed images of their mother pregnant? And Mom looks over to her (grown) daughter and says “that’s me and you kiddo.” I’ve always considered that such an underwhelming but powerful moment.

I cannot tell you how many times i will ask a pregnant woman if she is considering maternity photos and she will crinkle her nose. Let’s face it, pregnancy makes us feel bloated and hormonal and miserable and swollen… the list goes on. Who wants to be photographed that way?

But here’s the deal, braving the camera when you’re pregnant for an actual photo shoot will have more of a lasting impact on your child than you know. Imagine your child 20 years from now flipping through photo albums and seeing images of the two of you together. Seeing the care you took to highlight the time in their life when you loved them before even meeting them. It’s poignant. And so intimate.

When Kirstin asked me about a milk bath maternity session, i was so excited. This is complete vulnerability. But it is one of my most favorite ways to photograph a maternity session. Kirstin is beautiful and her connection to this little baby is so evident.

I am beyond thrilled that you chose me to highlight your journey through motherhood again. It is my absolute favorite thing to photograph and i love how much you care for your family and others. I could never truly capture the way you shine but am so thankful that you give me the opportunity to attempt it. thank you again for sharing your memories with me. your family. and for being in my corner. you are definitely a bonus in my life and i am so glad that our paths have crossed!

be infinitely blessed

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