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In my entire career, i have only approached three people at random and asked to photograph them. The very first time i saw Christeen, she was at a wedding i was photographing. I wanted to run over and beg her to let me photograph her. But i didn’t. And i left that day regretting it.

But the stars aligned! Our paths crossed again and again and again and again over the years. We’ve become friends. And have the best time together.  And here we are. Taking pics

i just LOVE her!

Christeen asked me to take some photos of her just because… and nothing could make me more excited.
Christeen is a hottie for sure. But i love this candid moment of her feeling shy!!! Christeen, dollface! You give me life. Or whatever it is the cool kids are saying these days. Thank you for bringing me so much joy over the years and being an instant source of happiness when i see you! Shine on, you beautiful diamond!

be infinitely blessed

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