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Emma | Three Months

Please excuse my Texan. but y’allllllll….. we put a baby in a milk bath!

and surprisingly lived to tell the tale.

Emma is a complete doll.  I have yet to share her sweet birth story, but i couldn’t wait to post these. I’ve only ever done milk baths with big humans. So when her mom, Leslyn and I, were tossing around ideas for her three month photos…. we had this brilliant idea. Dad was there too. Mostly waiting to laugh at us and say, “i told you so” and/or catch a slippery baby.

But …. if this isn’t the cutest dang thing…. then i don’t know what is.

oh. phew! she loves it. she really loves itReally. Emma is the perfect way to spend an evening. I’ve come over just to hold her. Squeeze her. and coo over her. thank you for freely sharing her with me and for always being so supportive and encouraging and the best kind of humans to have in your life.

be infinitely blessed


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