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I know most of you know of my trip to Nicaragua last summer. If not, feel free to read more about it here. Many of you contributed to a campaign that helped get me there to build a home for a family; a family that i easily and quickly fell in love with.  In fact, the two communities we spent our time in truly impacted my being.

This fall, i have the opportunity to visit again. We will arrive in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. I plan to revisit the family we helped last year and bring them clothing, household items, books, and toys. A couple of days later Laken and I will join another group to help build homes for impoverished areas in Padre Ramos.  We will be building  homes and also helping them plant trees that will later yield fruit.

Additionally, we will work closely with the families and women to establish a means of sustainable income.

This year, i’d like to bring Laken along for the trip. I believe that exposure to these cultures and under-developed countries is important. I want him to come away from this trip fully understanding all that he has and how he is capable of helping others who have less.

This very trip last year changed me tremendously. It was difficult and strenuous, but it catapulted me into a different way of seeing and living life.

If you feel called to help us, i would greatly appreciate it! I am forever indebted to those of you who helped me last year and hope to be able to share this experience with all of you again. I am more than willing and happy to WORK for these people. So if you would like to receive a mini session in exchange for your donation, i will gladly oblige. However, if you are wanting to just make a simple donation, that is also an option!!!

To make a donation, CLICK HERE. 

To purchase a $100 mini session to be used between now and May 2018, CLICK HERE

i wholeheartedly appreciate any an every contribution and want you to know that your donation helps permanently change the trajectory of another family’s life. You may feel like you aren’t making a global impact, but i assure you that you are and these families and children are so deserving of your care and consideration. They are so loving and kind and appreciative. Please help me get back to them!

be infinitely blessed

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