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Caroline | Nashville Maternity Photographer

A few years ago, i met this woman. She is so patient and kind hearted. Soft spoken and nurturing. She quickly became like a long lost sister to me. When her husband had an opportunity in Nashville, they moved their family hours and hours away from my sad little heart.

When Caroline told me they were pregnant again, i planned to visit them in Nashville so i could be there to photograph the birth. But little man had other plans.

The night before i left, i insisted that Caroline take just a few maternity photos. We literally drove around the block, hopped out of the car, and took photos for about 10 minutes – 5 of which was spent letting my camera de-fog from the Nashville humidity and 2 minutes slapping away mosquitos and chasing fireflies.

As i pulled into the state of Texas, Caroline let me know she was in labor. I missed the arrival of their precious little boy by 2 hours. I imagine, we’ll laugh about that in the years to come. But right now i’m just gonna sit here with a few maternity photos and be bitter :-p

Dallas, Caroline, and B…. thank you for being my friends. and for giving me another place to feel loved and family. i miss you all so very much and cannot wait to see you again!

love, sarah

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