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Ethan and Neyda | Married

Ethan and Neyda are high school sweethearts.  Their day was filled with the most tender emotions, the sweetest celebrations and honest expressions of family support and encouragement. It was truly touching to see both of their families come together on this evening. It felt as though they had been doing it for years… and then i realized … they had. 

And i love it. I love that they truly have a support team behind them every step of the way in their new life together. It was a sweet day of warm memories and love.

This has been a complete joy to know you throughout the years and on your journey through life and now marriage.

Ethan’s reaction …. so honest.
Ethan and Neyda. Wow. what a true honor to have known you all these years – from the beginning(ish) and to be celebrating you on your wedding day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to highlight your most fond memories and milestones in life. I  look forward to many more!

be infinitely blessed


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