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Taylor and Berklee | Engaged

Taylor and Berklee. Not to be cliche or anything but… i kinda feel like they are relationship goals. They laugh non stop together. Each time i have met with them, we spend most of our time just hanging out laughing. I have known Berklee for quite some time; i did her graduation photos. However, it wasn’t until i met Taylor and saw them together that i got to know this side of her. They bring out the best in each other and it’s naturally joyful.

It makes photographing them super easy! I love that they just embrace life as they go. Spontaneously decide to head to the rooftops of downtown or jump into a waterfall. If their engagement session is any indication of the kind of marriage they will have, i can see a lifetime of happiness, acceptance, playfulness and connection.

Taylor and Berklee – thank you so much for choosing me. And for allowing me into your little bubble. Watching you two together is so much fun. and as much as i enjoy the pretty posed images, the ones that really steal my heart and make me a firm believer in your relationship are the moments in between. The real ones. the imperfect ones. The way you organically accept whatever the situation is, is so refreshing and positive. I love that you have found each other in this big world and that you have only just begun a life as fun as this. i cannot wait to celebrate you on your wedding day!

be infinitely blessed

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