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Fender | Amarillo Birth Photographer

I have been on the life journey with Derrick and Meg. They are the best kind of people to celebrate. I have been with them from engagement and bridals to wedding to maternity to delivery and family portraits… and now the arrival of their second little miracle, Fender Grey.

I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to be able to witness all of their miracles. But more importantly, how meaningful the moments in between our photo meets up are. A few days prior to Fender making his grand entrance, Meg and I went to get pedicures. She opened up candidly and honestly about her excited emotions to welcome another baby into their lives and hearts.

Hearing her speak of him and how she hoped to see her family grow, made me feel so peaceful and…. lucky. Lucky to know her. To have her share her heart. And lucky enough to have her welcome me into her celebrations and memories.

When i got the call that Meg was in labor, i made my way up to the hospital praying that her delivery would be smooth and calm. I am so so sooooo grateful that God honored Meg through this delivery and brought the most precious baby boy into his dad’s hold. I will truly cherish this delivery forever.their on-call doctor is known to let the Dads “deliver” their own babies. This is, hands down, the most emotional i have ever been; watching Derrick be the first person to touch this little miracle.  Derrick’s expression was priceless. smiling at his mommaDerrick, Meg, Coral and families…. from the most sincere places in my heart, i thank you. For everything. for always being so kind and generous. for extending prayers and hugs. for sharing your joys with me. for sharing your truths. and spirits. for being all-around, the best kind of humans i know. thank you for welcoming us into your memories. I am so grateful that this camera of mine has taken me into the most sacred places in the lives of others and allowed me to witness the true beauty of creation and love. thank you for being so generous with everything you all are. i will forever be humbled to have been your photographer.

be infinitely blessed

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May. 31. 2017 - 10:24 am

Frances Kohout - Thank you for the beautiful pictures of my granddaughter & family. You are the best!!

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