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Ashton & Emma | Engaged

Ashton and Emma are high school sweethearts to be married this summer. I have had the pleasure of knowing Emma for a few years now and have recently become closer to her. She is the sweetest and kindest soul with a beautiful laugh and smile. To now have the opportunity to learn more about Ashton, is a total joy. He is so good to Emma. You can tell in the smallest of expressions how much he loves and honors her. I am more than humbled to be on this journey to marriage with them.

Ashton and Emma honestly spend much of their time laughing and joking with each other. They are light hearted and fun and are truly present in their moments with one another. Ashton and Emma – honestly. It brings my heart so much joy to see a love like yours. I am so honored and flattered that you would give me the opportunity to be your memory keeper and story teller. Thank you for opening up over the years and here recently.  My career and life improve every time i get to spend time with you and i am so so so excited to see your love and marriage be celebrated!

be infinitely blessed

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