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Randi | Portraits

Truth be known, i have a really hard time being social. It terrifies me to walk up to people in confidence and introduce myself – and even more so to walk up to a complete stranger and say “i need to photograph you!”

Randi was in our small group circle at church. She was quite. And calm. I looked over at her and saw her beautiful eyes… and then about lost my cool when i realized she had freckles. I then told her i need to photograph her. like now.

i have waited a really long time to find someone that had freckles and loved them. i love that randi was on board with my craziness and let me photograph her. These are, without question, some of my most favorite portraits i have ever taken.

Randi has the sweetest disposition and the best smile. She couldn’t maintain a serious face for very long. If i’m being honest, i should tell you that sometimes, i would tell her to be serious just because i knew she was burst into laughter after a couple of seconds. it brought me so much joy. you are gorgeous.
randi. thanks so much for joining me for an afternoon of play! i had such a great time getting to know you and cannot wait to get to know you even more in the coming years.

be infinitely blessed

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