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Tevae | Class of 2017

Tevae was my last graduate to photograph this season. I cannot think of a more bittersweet way to end my graduate season. Tevae is a very special friend of mine. Many of the seniors i graduate are from the ALT academy.  I watch these kids grow over the years. Their talents and hearts and love for others is always on display. I am incredibly proud of Tevae and all that he is accomplishing. He has determination like no other person i have seen. He is dedicated and smart and hard working. He most recently played “Beast” in Beauty and the Beast.  And each night, we would sit up in our production booth moved to tears during his solo.

Now tevae is graduating and leaving this little home we have at ALT.  And as sad as I (and everyone else) may be, we are even more excited to see what awaits him.

Just as we had finished photos in this spot,  a security officer told us we needed to leave. He was somewhat rude about it and spoke to me in a very intimidating tone. Much to my surprise, Tevae immediately spoke up and kindly defended me; told him we understood but didn’t need to be treated poorly. Sounds silly. But! these are the kind of people i love to see in this world. People that recognize mistreatment and aren’t afraid to respectfully intervene. and this is where i cry. Tevae. You KNOW how much i love you and care about you. You couldn’t convince me that you didn’t hang the moon. I am continuously impressed by you. your talent. heart. persistence. hard work. and selflessness. Thank you for being so generous with others. I know that you will continue to be blessed in life. I feel so very honored to have been able to know you these last few years and to be on the receiving end of your generosity. You are so very special to me. I am so excited for our future and am constantly singing your praises. I love you very much and will start saving and planning to come see you wherever your successes take you!

be infinitely blessed

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